Overhead Cable Curl – Biceps Exercise

This is a biceps strengthening exercise. You need a cable pulley machine to do this exercise

Overhead Cable Curl Exercise Guide

  1. Before you start the exercise set up some weight at the sides of the pulley machine, be sure that the weight on each side are of same amount of weight .
  2. Set the height of the pulleys a little bit higher than your shoulder or up to the level of your ears.
  3. Position yourself in-between the pullers and use your palms facing upward to grab the overhead cable curl handle. Extend your arms fully sideward and grab the handle. Your legs should support your body weight so position them at shoulder width.  This will be your initial position.
  4. While exhaling, gently pull the handles of each side toward your head until you feel your biceps and forearms’ muscles touch.
  5. While inhaling slowly move back to the starting pose.
  6. Do 3 sets of 8-12 reps.

Donot move your body while doing this exercise.

Video Demos on how to to Overhead Cable Curls