Seated Dumbbell Curl -Biceps Exercise

This is a biceps strengthening exercise and you need dumbbells to do this exercise successfully.
Instructions on how to do Seated Dumbbell curls

  1. Get a flat bench where you can sit on. Get a dumbbell for each of your hands. Hold them at arm’s length.
  2. Palms must be facing towards your body while holding the dumbbells.
  3. Without moving your upper arm, raise the weight up to your shoulder level. Make sure that only your forearms are moving. Slightly twist your wrist so that when raising the dumbbells your palms are faced up.When you feel your biceps and forearm touch hold that position for a moment and squeeze your biceps muscles.
  4. Inhale as you slowly return to your initial position. Rotate your wrist to assume the starting position again with your palms facing towards your body.
  5. Perform until failure.

As a variation you can do both arms at a time or do alternatively.

Video Demos on How to do Seated Dumbbell Curls