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Ab Crunches Exercise Demo

These are plain old normal crunches which you do by lying on floor. These are an effective exercise for your… Continue reading »

Ab Rocker Demo

Ab Rocker is the ninth most effective ab exercise according to ACH study. You need ab rocker machine to do… Continue reading »

Long Arm Crunch Demo

Long Arm Crunch is the 6th most effective ab exercises in the ACE study. Here are some videos that show… Continue reading »

Torso Track Ab Exercise Demo

Torso Track ab exercise is the fifth most effective exercise out of 10 in a study conducted by American Health… Continue reading »

Vertical Leg Crunch Demo

This is the fourth most effective ab exercise according to American Council on Exercise’s study to determine the most effective… Continue reading »

Ab Scissors Exercise Demo

Ab Scissors Exercise is one of those essential exercises to have firm abs. Video Demos on How to do Ab… Continue reading »

Barbell Dead Lifts

Barbell Dead lifts are most important to get a lean body. They improve your performance in everyday activities and sports…. Continue reading »

Ab Wheel – How to Use Ab wheel

Ab wheel is one of the most effective exercise on abs. This exercise is for strengthening the core ab muscles…. Continue reading »

Romanian Dead Lifts

This post is about how to do Romanian Dead Lifts. This is one of the best exercise for hamstring strengthening…. Continue reading »

How to do Stability Ball Abdominal Crunch

Stability Ball Abdominal Crunch exercise is one the most effective abdominal exercises. You need a stability ball to perform this… Continue reading »

Captain’s Chair Leg Raise Exercise Video

Captain’s Chair Leg Raise abdominal exercise is one of the most effective ab exercise. It is second in line to… Continue reading »

Ab Bicycles exercise Video

Ab bicycles are one of the most effective ab exercises. In a study conducted by American Council on Exercise’s it… Continue reading »

How to do Hanging Knee Raises Exercise Video

This exercise is identical to Hanging Leg raise except that you knees are fully bent in this exercise reducing the… Continue reading »

Reverse crunches

How to perform Reverse crunches This exercise mainly targets the rectus abdominis. This is one of the most effective exercise… Continue reading »

Lying Leg Thrusts

Lying Leg Thrusts Demonstration videos. Rectus Abdominus and Hip Flexors are primarily affected by this exercise. The secondary muscles affected… Continue reading »

Hanging Leg Raises (with hunched back) Demonstration Videos

Hanging Leg Raises (with hunched back) strengthens your abs and hip flexors. These are the videos available on youtube and… Continue reading »