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Bent Over Two Dumbbell Row

This is a compound exercise focusing mainly on middle back along with training biceps lats and shoulders. Equipment Needed is… Continue reading »

Smith Machine Bent over Row

This is one of the compound exercise involving Smith Machine that power ups your middle back. Instructions to do this… Continue reading »

Seated Cable Rows

Instructions to do this exercise properly You need row machine with lower pulley and V-bar for seated cable rows. V-bar… Continue reading »

Reverse Grip Bent Over Rows

This compound strengthening exercise trains Middle Back, shoulders, biceps and lats. Instructions to perform this workout properly For starting position,… Continue reading »

One-Arm Dumbbell Row

This is strength training exercise to build your middle back and also a compound type exercise which also trains biceps,… Continue reading »

Lying T-Bar Row

This strength exercise works on your middle back. Biceps and lats are also trained in the process but not they… Continue reading »

Incline Bench Pull

Incline Bench Pull mainly targets the middle back or rhomboids. Lats and shoulders are also trained during this exercise but… Continue reading »

Bent Over Two Arm Long Bar Row

Also known as T-Bar Row this compound exercise trains middle back, trains biceps and lats with emphasis on middle back…. Continue reading »