Lying Close Grip Barbell Triceps Extension – Tricpes Exercise

This is one of the best exercise for training your triceps. There are lots of variations you can do for this exercise.The one we are discussing is behind the head also known as Skull Crushers.

How to do Lying Barbell Triceps Extension.

  1. Hold the EZ-bar or barbell with palms are facing forward. Lay down on a flat surfaced bench with your head at the end of it. Hold the barbell at close grip. If you are making use of an E-Z Bar then you should be holding it via the inner handles.
  2. Extent your arms and then slowly bring back the bar keeping your arms properly extended that is positioning overhead. After extending your arms are parallel to the flooring. This will be your starting position.
  3. While you are inhaling, lower down the bar by bending your elbows till the point when your forearms perpendicular to the floor, you can lower down the bar.
  4. While you exhaling, bring the bar up as to the point from where you started by pushing it in a circular motion till the time your lower arms are parallel to the ground. Your forearms should be moving.
  5. Repeat these steps for the suggested amount of reps.

Video Demos on How to do Lying Close Grip Barbell Triceps Extension

Video 1

Video Demo 2
A variation where you move is from head to up. Your arms will not be parallel to ground in this exercise. You will lift it from your head to position where the arms are straight and perpendicular to ground and above your chest.