Reverse Cable Curl – Biceps Exercise

The reverse cable curls strengthens your biceps. You need a cable pulley machine to do this exercise, so a subscription to fitness center might be required.

How to do Reverse Cable Curl

  1. The starting position: stand upright. Grab a bar attached to the low puller system while your palms face downward at a shoulder length grip. The elbows should be near the upper part of your body to assume the initial position.
  2. Your upper arms should not move while you flex your forearms towards your biceps as you exhale. Remember that only your forearm should do the work. When you feel your muscles fully contracted and the bar is at your shoulder’s level. Squeeze your biceps while on that contracted position for a moment.
  3. As you inhale, slowly relax your contracted muscles and bring the bar to the first position.
  4. Perform the procedure again as prescribed by the trainer or until failure.

Video Demos on How to do Reverse Cable Curl