Ab Bicycles exercise Video

Ab bicycles are one of the most effective ab exercises. In a study conducted by American Council on Exercise’s it has been determined that the ab bicycles use most of the ab muscles in the exercise. Ab exercises wont reduce fat from belly. The only way to belly reduce fat is to do cardio vascular routines like running on treadmill or exercising on Elliptical trainer. Here is the link to study on most effective ab exercises.

Here are the videos that demonstrate how to do the Bicycle Ab Exercise

Video 1
Ab Isolation Exercises : The Bicycle Ab Exercise

Video 2
Abdominal Exercises : Abdominal Exercises: Bicycle Criss Cross

Video 3
Bicycles for abs and obliques

more videos from this user

This exercise affect almost all the ab muscles.
More detailed instruction on how to do this exercise is given here

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