Top 10 Most Effective Ab Exercise with Video Demos

This is not a list made by me or by some self proclaimed fitness expert. This is list of most effective abdominal exercises determined in a study commissioned by American Council on Exercises. They have listed each exercise with % of activity on Rectus Abdominus and Obliques.
So whats the point in this post?
We are listing them with link to video demonstrations on how to do them correctly. Hopefully you can determine which exercise is best for you based on your physique.
Most Effective on Rectus Abdominus.

1 Bicycle Maneuver 248
2 Captain’s Chair 212
3 Exercise Ball 139
4 Vertical Leg Crunch 129
5 Torso Track 127
6 Long Arm Crunch 119
7 Reverse Crunch 109
8 Crunch with Heel Push 107
9 Ab Roller 105
10 Hover 100
11 Traditional Crunch 100
12 Exercise Tubing Pull 92
13 Ab Rocker 21

These are the most functional exercises on OBLIQUES

1 Captain’s Chair 310
2 Bicycle Maneuver 290
3 Reverse Crunch 240
4 Hover 230
5 Vertical Leg Crunch 216
6 Exercise Ball 147
7 Torso Track 145
8 Crunch with Heel Push 126
9 Long Arm Crunch 118
10 Ab Roller 101
11 Traditional Crunch 100
12 Exercise Tubing Pull 77
13 Ab Rocker 74

Some video demonstrations are missing and we will be adding them soon.
As you can see the Captain’s Chair and Ab Bicycle maneuver are most helpful in strengthening both Rectus abdominus and obliques. Therefore these two are recommended and mostly ab bicycle maneuver doesnot require any special equipment except doormat..

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