How to do Hanging Knee Raises Exercise Video

This exercise is identical to Hanging Leg raise except that you knees are fully bent in this exercise reducing the weight you have to lift. If you are unable to perform the hanging leg raises then hanging knee raises is a good exercise for you lower abs. This video show you how to do Hanging Knee Raises. You should perform this exercise slowly.

This exercise can also be done using elbow straps.

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Reverse crunches

How to perform Reverse crunches
This exercise mainly targets the rectus abdominis. This is one of the most effective exercise for lower abs. Things to remember, avoid jerky or rocky movements, do maximum possible repetitions.

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Proper Reverse Crunch Technique

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Video 2

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Abdominal Exercises : How to Do a Reverse Crunch

by expert village
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Lying Leg Thrusts

Lying Leg Thrusts Demonstration videos. Rectus Abdominus and Hip Flexors are primarily affected by this exercise.
The secondary muscles affected by lying leg thrusts are internal and external obliques & Transverse Abdominus. You should not use momentum to lift your legs. This exercise is not recommended if you have back problems


Hanging Leg Raises (with hunched back) Demonstration Videos

Hanging Leg Raises (with hunched back) strengthens your abs and hip flexors. These are the videos available on youtube and other video hosting websites showing how to perform Hanging Leg Exercises. This is one of the important exercise that gets you six pack abs.


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