Decline Dumbbell Flyes

How to do a Decline Dumbbell Fly?

Works on chest and front part of your shoulders.

Equipment needed: Decline Bench and Dumbbells

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Decline Barbell Bench Press

This is same as normal / flat barbell bench press except that the targeted muscles in this exercise are lower portion of the chest. To do this exercise you must have the availability of a spotter and a free standing bench & barbell. Raise the end of bench where you will be placing your thighs. (more…)

Wide Grip Barbell Bench Press

Working out the chest muscles wide grip barbell bench press thickens and widens your chest or mainly targets outer chest area. As the name suggest you can to grip the bar more wider than the normal grip  / standard grip (3 inches more on each side). Form is an important factor in this exercise and may lead to severe injure if performed incorrectly.  (more…)

Smith Machine Bench Press

This exercise is similar to flat bench barbell press except that the machine will act like a spotter for you. This exercise targets mid area of you chest but it is a little bit less effective than normal flat bench barbell press.

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Push Ups or Press Ups

This is one of the most common chest exercise that does not require any exercise equipment and it works great. There are many variations of this exercise you can do to increase or decrease the difficulty and vary the effect on different sites on chest. These Exercises target both chest and triceps depending on the variation you are doing.


Sternocleidomastoid Stretch

Sternocleidomastoid muscles runs across front and side of the neck attached to the collar bone and back of skull. This is great exercise to relive pain your neck muscles.

To do this neck stretch exercise properly

  1. Lower your ear above your shoulder as far as you can go on one side
  2. Lift your chin until you feel stretch in the opposite side.
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Neck Rotation

This stretching exercise helps you to ease neck pains which is more effective if gentle pressure is applied using hand.
To perform Neck Rotation properly

  1. You must be facing forward with your arms in front of you.
  2. Clasp your hands together with elbows straight so as to stop shoulders from raising.
  3. Turn you neck sidewards so that chin moves above your shoulder.
  4. Hold in this position of 10-30 seconds.
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Forward Neck Flexion

This exercise is targeted toward easing pain in neck and upper back.
Instruction on How to do this streching exercise

  1. Initially you must face forward with you arms in front of you.
  2. Clasp you palms together with elbows straight to stop your shoulders from raising.
  3. Now lower you chin till it touches your chest
  4. Hold in this position for 10 to 30 seconds


Lateral neck flexion

This is one of neck stretching exercise. This exercise is most useful for those who work on a computer.
There are few variations of this exercise. The main muscles stretched in this exercise are Upper fibres of Trapezius, Scalenes, Levator Scapulae.

Type 1

  1. Look straight without dropping your chin.
  2. Move your ear towards the shoulder without raising other shoulder.
  3. Hold  on for 10-30 seconds.
  4. Repeat for other side in same fashion
  5. Do 5 -8 reps on each side.


Narrow Grip or Close Grip Push Ups

This is a variation of your standard push up exercise. To do this exercise properly you need to keep your palms close on ground and execute the regular push. This exercise also targets triceps along with mid chest area. Always remember to keep your elbows close to your body while executing this exercise. (more…)

Machine Bench Press Chest Exercise

This exercise targets the mid section of chest. You need to be subscribed to a gym as you need the machine to do this exercise. Position yourself on the chest press machine, adjust the weights according to your capacity and now push the handles outward in explosive fashion and stay there for a moment and return to your original position slowly in controlled fashion. (more…)

Flat Bench Cable Flyes

Flat Bench Cable Flyes are similar to Flat Bench Dumbbell Flyes or Cable Crossovers exercise. This exercise also targets mid section of chest. To do this exercise place a free standing flat bench between the cable pullover machine with two pulleys opposite to each other. Adjust the weights according to your performance. (more…)

Flat Bench Dumbbell Flyes

This exercise mainly targets pecs / chest / mid section of chest. This is similar to pec deck butterflies. Lie flat on a free standing flat bench, flat on your back. Now let the spotter hand you the dumbbells keep your arms wide open with elbows slightly bent like a ‘V’ shape. (more…)

10 Beginner’s Workout Routines

These are workout routines for beginners i.e., they have never gone to gym or lifted weights. Sources are cited accordingly in each heading.

Workout Routine 1

3 Day Workout For Beginners

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Flat Bench Dumbbell Press – Chest Exercises

Flat Bench Dumbbell Press targets the mid chest area. To do this exercise you need a set of dumbbells and a flat bench. To do this exercise properly lie flat on bench on your back with feet firmly on ground. Lift the dumbbells with both hands and touch them together. (more…)

Dips – Chest Exercises

Dips is a wonderful chest exercise which targets both chest and triceps. This is one of the most famous strength training exercise. To do this exercise you need to have a dip bar or a pair of rings to hang from. To do this exercise properly you must hang from a dip bar with hands straight. (more…)

Close Grip Barbell Bench Press – Middle Chest Exercise

This exercise is performed exactly same as the medium grip barbell bench press except that you use close grip to lift the barbell. Lie flat on the bench and lift barbell right above your chest with close grip. Have a spotter while doing this exercise for safety. (more…)

Cable Crossovers – Mid Chest Exercise

The muscle targeted in this exercise is mid chest area. To do this exercise properly first you need a cable pulley machine with pulleys on opposite sides. Adjust the pulleys such that they are locked at high position. Now grab the rope using small handles in each hand. (more…)

300 Spartan Workout Routine To Help You Get Six Pack Abs

Many workout routines are flying in the internet after the success of movie 300. Here is one of them. (more…)

Incline Push Ups vs Decline Push ups

The main difference between incline push ups and decline push ups is that the former trains upper chest and the later trains lower chest. (more…)