Incline Pushups or Flat Bench Push Ups- Lower Chest Exercises

This exercise targets lower pecs / lower chest area. To do this exercise properly get into standard push up position and keep some kind of strong furniture like a bench or chair under your fists/palm hence raising them above ground. (more…)

incline chest dumbbell press vs flat chest dumbbell press

So what is the difference between them? Incline chest dumbbell press works on your upper chest / upper pecs and flat chest dumbbell press works on your mid chest or mid area of pecs. In incline chest dumbbell press workout you keep the bench inclined and execute the dumbbell press in flat chest press you keep the bench flat and concentrate on middle portion of our chest more..

Pec Deck Butterflies

Pec Deck Butterflies are for mid chest muscles / pecs. Pec deck butterflies are an essential part of lifting weights and strength training. You need to go to gym or buy a pec deck machine. It is expensive. Any way on how to do / perform / execute this exercise you have to sit on the pec deck with your back flat on the machine, now squeeze your forearms and elbows in together as if touching each other and go back to initial position.

Dumbbell Pullover – Chest Exercises

This exercise is similar to barbell pullover exercise. You are going to use a dumbbell instead of barbell in this exercise. This exercise mainly targets mid chest. This exercise also involves lats so this is also a good back exercise.

Muscles involved

* Pectoralis Major

* Latissimus Dorsi

* Teres Major

* Posterior Deltoid

* Triceps Brachii

Barbell Pullover – Chest Exercises

You need a flat bench and a ez curl bar to do this exercise. This exercise mainly targets middle chest / pecs. To do this exercise lie flat on your back on the bench. Raise the ez curl bar after lifting it above the chest with elbows slightly bent. Lower the bar slowly behind the head stretching the arms. This produces a long stretching. Returning to your original position completes one set. Do this until failure.

Barbell Bench Press – Chest Exercises

This exercise is also called as flat barbell bench press. This exercise mainly affects the mid chest area. Lie flat on a free weight flat bench press machine. Take a shoulder wight grip and lift the barbell to right above your chest in line to your nipple after adjusting weights according to your capacity. Lower the barbell slowly from the initial position to 3 inch above your chest. Now lift the barbell to its initial position in explosive fashion. (more…)

How many calories to lose a pound

This is the most common question for people who are trying to get slim and burn extra fat. To lose one pound of body fat you have to burn approximately 3500 calories. So if you want to lose a pound a week you have to do a cardio exercise that burns 500 calories per day (7X500 = 3500). If you want a day off then you have to do an aerobic exercise or cardio workout that burn 600 calories per day (6X600 = 3600) or if you want to enjoy your whole weekend you need to burn 700 cals / day (5X 700 = 3500).

Exercise Ball Push Ups – Chest Exercises

This exercise is more challenging than the regular push up as you have to balance on the exercise ball. This exercise mainly trains upper pecs / upper chest. Place your hands on the exercise ball and come in to push up position. Now perform normal push up balancing your hands on the exercise ball squeezing your chest muscles.
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Smith Machine Incline Bench Press – Chest Exercises

This exercise is similar to the incline bench press. The smith machine acts as support/ spotter for you in this case. To do this exercise you need a incline bench. Put the incline bench below the smith machine and adjust weights according to your capacity. Now lie flat on the bench and grip the barbell symmetrically in medium grip / not too far from chest or too close just after the shoulders. Lift the barbell of the rack by turning your wrists out ward. Initially keep your wrists inward. After you turn them out it comes straight.

Chest Exercises – Decline Push Ups

This exercise / workout mainly targets upper chest / upper pecs. Triceps are the secondary muscles which are affected. To do this exercise effectively you need a raise platform like a bench chair where you can keep your feet on. This is like a regular push up just that your feet is on the bench . There is also a variation of this exercise in which you use fists instead of palms. Keep you back straight by contracting your abs.

Chest Exercises – Hammer Grip Incline Dumbbell Press

This exercise mainly targets upper pecs/ upper chest exercise. The secondary muscles targeted are triceps and shoulders. You need a incline bench and a set of dumbbells to do this exercise.
How to do Hammer Grip Incline Dumbbell Press
Recline on the incline bench. Let a spotter hand you the weights. Start with palms facing each other and elbows bent. Now lift the arms in explosive fashion and lower them slowly in controlled fashion. Form is and important factor in chest exercises.

Chest Exercises – Incline Bench Dumbbell Press

This chest exercise is similar to incline dumbbell flyes. This exercise primarily targets upper chest / upper pecs. You need a recline bench and a set of dumbbells to do this exercise.  Grab the dumbbells using normal grip. Keep your abs tight and shoulder blades together. Raise the dumbbells in explosive fashion and lower them slowly to initial position. Its always better to have a spotter while doing this exercise.

Fist push ups vs Flat Palm Push Ups?

Which is the best way to do push ups?
According to one of the author i follow states in a video that palm push ups are injurious to palms so you have to do push ups using fists. Well he say to avoid joint pain which might be fatal as palms on grounds is not a natural position for palms.


Chest Exercises – Incline Dumbbell Flyes

Incline dumbbells flyes are same as incline cable flyes except that your will be using dumbbells to perform this exercise instead of cables. This exercise targets upper chest / upper pecs. As in other exercises form is one of the most important factor in this exercise.
How to do Incline Dumbbell Flyes

  • Lie on your back flat (no arching or bending) on the recline bench
  • Grip two dumbbells in your hands with palms facing each other. If you are unable to lift them by yourself ask a spotter to hand them for you.
  • Now lift your arms with elbow slightly bent like hugging something. At the peak try to squeeze your pecs.
  • Now lower them slowly to initial position.
  • Repeat until your muscles become sore.
  • Also donot exceed your known performance.


Chest Exercises – Incline Bench Cable Flyes

Incline bench cable flys are an essential part of lifting weights and strength training. The major muscles worked in this exercise are Pectoralis Major and Minor and secondary muscles worked are triceps. You need a cable crossover machine to do this exercise. Place the recline bench in the middle of the cable crossover machine, adjust the weight according to your know capability, Keep your legs on the floor and back on the recline bench. Start initially your elbows are slightly bent and arms stretched and palms facing each other. Now pull the cable and try to bring your palms together like you are hugging something. Now lower your arms to starting position slowly. Form is a very important factor for chest exercises.

Chest Exercises – Incline Barbell Bench Press

How to do Incline Barbell Bench Press?
This bench press is similar to regular barbell bench press. You will be using an incline bench press machines. This exercise is effective on upper chest / Upper Pecs. To do this exercise properly lift the bar after adjusting the weights suitable to your capability. Lower the bar slowly about 3 inches from the clavicle / Adam’s Apple and now lift it back to the starting position. Proper form is necessary for this exercise. Also its better to have a supporter /partner/spotter to support just in case. Do not touch bar to your chest which might cause unnecessary stress and might injure your shoulders. Lifting of the bar must in explosive fashion but you must lower the bar slowly. Do 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions with 60 secs gap between each set / what ever frequency you are capable of. Also make sure to grip the bar evenly.

Calf Raises Video Demos part 3

This is the third and last part of the post series regarding calf exercises of raising heels type. You can read the other two parts here
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Seated Single Leg Calf Raises

You do this exercise just like the seated calf raises, except that you use a dumbbell instead of a barbell and exercise one leg at a time. You can do this with a machine or without a machine.

Here are video demo on how to do Seated single leg calf raises

Calf raises Video Demo Part 2

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We cover calf exercises using barbells in this post.

1.) How to Do Barbell Calf Raises

You need a barbell to do this exercises. Stand in the squat rack section, place the barbell on your shoulders. This is same as seated calf raises. Push your toes down so you raise your heels and lower them down in reverse motion.

Calf raises Video Demo Part 1

This is a three part post. This is the first part. We cover Seated Calf Raises, Standing calf raises, dumbbell calf raise and donkey calf raise.
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Calf Raises is an exercises for strengthening the calf muscles in lower leg. There are many exercises and many variations of calf raise. We have list the most important ones with video demos for all of them.

1) Seated Calf Raises

You need a seated calf raises machine / set of heavy dumbbells to do this exercise.Sit on the calf raise machine with your toes on the platform then adjust the weight as desirable and raise your heels until your feel contraction in your calves. Slowly lower the ankles now until you feel stretching in your calves / repeat.

40 Minute Full Body Workout by Zuzana from

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This workout series covers Half Squats, Chest Presses, Squats, Deadlifts, Rows, Legs Exercises, Shoulder Exercises, Triceps Exercises, Calves, Biceps Exercises, Abs And Inner Thighs Exercises.
This is a six part workout video series.