How to do Two-Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl – Biceps Exercise

This is a great biceps exercise that can supplement your biceps workout routine.

Instructions to do two arm dumbbell preacher curl

  1. Starting position: hold a dumbbell on each hand and position your biceps on top of the preacher bench. Hold the dumbbell on a shoulder length position.
  2. While you are holding the dumbbell up, slowly bring the dumbbell down until your arms are extended and your muscles are stretched.
  3. Then slowly flex your forearm back to its original positions as you exhale and stop when you feel your muscles are fully contracted and back on its starting position.
  4. Squeeze your muscles hard for a moment while your muscles are flexed.
  5. Repeat the procedure according to the number of repetitions prescribed.

Note: you can use barbell or e-z bar for doing this exercise.

Video Demos on How to do dumbbell preacher curl